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Who thinks the IBM i business is shrinking? Not Rick Rittmeyer, from Global IT & Recovery Services.

"I wanted to let you know that, thanks in large part to your Performance Navigator product, we were able to win a $4M Power deal!

We displaced a large incumbent and were able to do it and sitll come in significantly LESS than the competition. That's because we were able to intelligently size the customer's system based on their current workload and projected growth using your tool. PerfNav gave the customer the confidence to go with our recommendation, even though we were the 'new kid on the block'.

Bottom line... We love MPG and your too rocks!!

Rick Rittmeyer
Business Development Manager
Global IT & Recovery Services, LLC."

Midrange Performance Group® offers a proven program for Solution Providers (SP's) that will help close more hardware deals faster, more easily, and more competitively.

Performance Navigator® is uesd by hundreds of SP's worldwide to perform capacity planning analysis, cost justification, and workload modeling. PerfNav® even counts unique users to help customers understand user based pricing. Companies like KS2, DSI, ASG, and Global IT, to name a few, use PerfNav.

Read what Dan Shinedling, President of KS2, said of Performance Navigator:

"We use the product on every hardware sales engagement, and my close rate is the highest in the MetroPlex. I also sell a license for PerfNav to every hardware customer, and they love the product, and me for selling it to them."

MPG's Business Partner Program has two facets:

First, Remarketers generate revenue through license sales.
Second, Partners can obtain "use licenses" to perform capacity plans for Power Systems sales.

PerfNav supports simple MES upgrades, complex server consolidation, LPAR configurations, DASD modeling, and workload modeling at the job level. Best of all, MPG is available for support on complex engagements.

Find out more about how Performance Navigator works for Service Providers. Contact Kathy Lewis at MPG, (303) 939-9648.

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