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Download Notes for Performance Navigator®


  1. Performance Navigator® (PerfNav®) is a Windows graphical tool used for IBM i and IBM Power Systems performance analysis, performance management, capacity planning, and performance problem determination.

  2. During the 17 year life cycle of Performance Navigator and Power Navigator, as of 2018, over 15,000 companies have downloaded.

  3. Initially the software will take up less than 25 MB of PC disk space. Over the next several years, the host/server disk requirement might grow to 750 MB.

  4. The downloaded Windows component and the Host code provide the following free access:

    1. Perpetual collection of historical performance data, including data reduction software to reduce disk requirements.
    2. CPU utilization by priority in a graphical reporting format - example below:

      PerfNav CPU Utilization

    3. Disk space utilization in a graphical reporting format - example below:

      PerfNav Disk Utilization

    4. Trend analysis and other features on the two graphs.

  5. The ability to send performance data to IBM or an IBM Business Partner for a capacity planning analysis is also included.

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