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Top Ten Reasons To Collect Performance Data 7x24x365


#10 - A performance issue arises.

#9 - Management asks for performance information.

#8 - Application and hardware changes: Before vs After analysis.

#7 - Understanding business cycles and trends.

#6 - Accurate capacity planning and server consolidation.

#5 - Share the data with Business Partners, IBM®, and MPG®.

#4 - Measure virtualization benefits and overhead.

#3 - MPG's data collection software is FREE, with no prerequisites.

#2 - The collection overhead is insignificant.

#1 - Peace of mind. The information is ALWAYS available.

MPG allows you to look at your data, drill down into it, graph it, create reports, model the future, analyze "Cause and Effect", along with a host of other functions.

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