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Midrange Performance Group Announces Navigator MAX™

Boulder, Colorado - September 12, 2014

Midrange Performance Group (MPG) today announces the general availability of Navigator MAX™.

Navigator MAX™ is functionally a license for both Performance Navigator® (for IBM i) and Power Navigator®, our VIOS/AIX/Linux product.

Navigator MAX is designed for Performance Navigator customers as an upgrade to the existing licenses. We're bundling in the VIOS/AIX/Linux functionality of Power Navigator at a tremendous 45% discount off the separate PowerNav license price. A single key code gives access to the powerful Navigator Family® of products on all IBM i/VIOS/AIX/Linux partitions.

The Navigator MAX license includes not only the ability to use Performance and Power Navigator on all IBM i/VIOS/AIX/Linux partitions, but also the EXPO (Executive Performance Overview) reporting suite for high level reporting requirements.

MPG is taking this action based on client requests, driven by two trends in the Power Systems installed base:

  1. The growing presence of external disk on IBM i configurations virtualized with VIOS
  2. Power Servers deploying both IBM i and AIX/Linux on a common hardware frame.
In both cases, customers will require the functionality of both Performance and Power Navigator to manage their infrastructure properly.

Midrange Performance Group (MPG) was founded in 1990 as a technical consulatancy specializing in the IBM AS/400 platform. MPG has since introduced several software products to the IBM Power Systems market, including Performance Navigator® for IBM i Performance Management and Capacity Planning, and Power Navigator® for AIX and Linux Capacity Planning, and performance reporting. MPG's performance products and expertise are in use by over 120 Business Partners in over 30 countries.

For more information, contact Randy Watson or Kathy Lewis at 303-939-9648 or email at or

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