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MPG Announces Enhancements to its Second Opinion Service (SOS)

Boulder, Colorado - February 19th, 2010

Midrange Performance Group (MPG) announces the immediate availability of 4 new or enhanced services in its expanding line of Second Opinion Services (SOS). All offerings are based on MPG’s popular performance management products, Performance Navigator® and Power Navigator®. SOS is available to customer and non-customer alike. Randy Watson, MPG’s President said “It’s like having a senior performance consultant on retainer, only there isn’t any retainer.”

The services offered include:

  1. Problem Determination - The analysis of current and historical performance data to determine the potential causes of a given performance issue. The service will analyze both the hardware and application performance data and recommend solutions to resolve the issue.

  2. Capacity Planning / Server Consolidation - Provides detailed analysis of current performance for each system. Workload is modeled to one or more hardware configurations, based on future customer capacity requirements. Server consolidation and LPAR configuration is also provided based on requirements.

  3. Comprehensive Performance Reporting (CPR) - Provides customers with performance management reports that include the measurement and presentation of key performance components: CPU, Disk, Memory, and 5250 Response time / transaction statistics on both an LPAR-by-LPAR and summary basis.

  4. Custom Graphing and Reporting - Provides users with a customized suite of graphs and reports based on Performance / Power Navigator’s myriad options and customization capabilities.
MPG’s Watson said, “Our new SOS offerings are designed and priced to be accessible, meaningful and affordable for all users, regardless of their skill level and budget. For instance, Problem Determination is priced at only $450 for a single CPU serial #. “We have developed bullet-proof tools and methodologies, over a span of a dozen years that can show the layman complex technical matters in a clear, graphical format. “Performance/Power Navigator was deployed by MPG and our partners in over 2,500 engagements during 2009, so there’s not a lot we haven’t seen”

Users can order MPG’s new services by contacting us. MPG’s data collection software is provided free, by download, to all users.

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