IBM - MPG Performance/Capacity Planning Request Form

In order to expand access to the Worldwide Power Capacity Planning Service, the MPG/IBM Power Capacity Planning request form is transitioning to IBM Digital Techline Center (DTC).

This new process will broaden the worldwide support structure by assigning both an IBM DTC and MPG technical specialist to the request. THIS IS STILL A FUNDED PROGRAM OPEN TO EVERYONE WITHOUT LIMITS.

The data collection captions remain the same for all operating systems (IBM i, AIX, Linux [all platforms - bare metal or Virtual], Solaris and HPUX). A link to customer presentations for collecting and sending data by operating systems is below:

As always, we suggest you schedule a conference call with the customer to address any questions.

To request an IBM DTC Power Capacity Planning analysis, click the following link:

  1. Log in with your IBM PartnerWorld ID.
  2. In the third section of the page, called "Power", click "Power Capacity Planning, Version 1"
  3. Fill out the web form and click "Submit".

Everyone now uses the same form.
IBM PartnerWorld ID Required.
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