Power Navigator

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Put Power Navigator on your system and gain graphical insight into historical performance data.

In order to tackle capacity planning properly, you have to start with historical data. Power Navigator collects historical performance data for your AIX, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX workloads and displays the information in a graphical interface on your PC.

Why Should I Choose Power Navigator for AIX, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX?

Data Collection
Collect and manage historical performance data for all operating systems supported by IBM Power and Linux on Power Systems.

Data Analysis
Analyze historical data for complex CPU, memory, and disk reports in HTML output for one partition, the whole frame, or the entire enterprise.

Planning and Configuration
Plan and configure upgrades, server consolidations, LPAR configurations, and competitive migrations with ease.

“Upgrades in the past were more on projections without substantial data to support a modeling, good guesswork. Oftentimes, business partners in the sizing of systems would overprovision on a CPU and commercial processing workload and disk arming for purposes of not getting it wrong. [Performance Navigator] gives me the ability to confidently architect a system that will perform well from day one. I do not engage in a Power Systems upgrade opportunity without using this tool.”

—Software Information Systems (SIS)