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MPG Announces New Versions of Navigator Family® - Now Available

BOULDER, Colo., May 16, 2016 -- Midrange Performance Group (MPG) today announced the general availability of new versions of MPG’s Navigator Family of products. Performance Navigator® Version 18 and Power Navigator® Version 8 are available for immediate download.

Performance Navigator® (for IBM i) and Power Navigator® (for AIX, VIOS, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX*) support the newest IBM POWER8 hardware announcements.

Navigator Family - New Features:
  • Customized Management Reporting
    • Gives customers the power to create personalized comprehensive management performance reports
    • Best Practice Guidelines and trends built into reports
  • Improved Power Analytics
    • Enterprise Performance Reporting (All Platforms) on a single report
    • Management Reporting (IBM i) supports multiple ASPs
    • Management Reporting supports multi-platform processing
  • Additional Improvements
    • Improved Memory Analysis (IBM i)
    • New Before vs After analysis functionality
    • Improved “What If®” – Support for all the new Power IO hardware from IBM’s April 2016 announcements
    • Support for IBM V7R3

Randy Watson, President MPG, said “In addition to support for the new IBM POWER IO announcements, the new features are focused on supporting larger Enterprises”.

MPG’s Navigator Family of products enable customers to collect, analyze, report, compare, consolidate, and model performance data to any Power System. MPG’s Navigator Family of products includes Performance Navigator, Power Navigator and Navigator MAX.

About Midrange Performance Group
Founded in 1990, Midrange Performance Group is focused on helping customers manage IBM hardware performance. For more information: www.mpginc.com.

*AIX, VIOS, Linux, Solaris and HP-UX are registered trademarks.

Contact Information:
Jim Young
Midrange Performance Group
Phone: 303-939-9648
E-mail: jyoung@mpginc.com

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